Where are You From: I grew up and went to grade school in Westfield, IN. Officially from indianapolis IN.

When did You First Start Playing Music:  Started playing guitar when I was 10, it was 1994. I had started out trying to play the drums but after a few months realized Adam (my brother) was already better than me at them so I decided to pick up the guitar and try to teach my self, with some help from my Dad and jamming with freinds.

What Artist Turn You on to Music:  Listening to Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix were the groups that made me want to play. The people that inspire me to keep playing are musicians like Mike Stern, Guthrie Govan, Frank Gambale, Tower of Power, Maceo Parker, Marcus Miller.

What was Your First Band:  The first band I was in was called Broken String cause we always broke stings. Then it was Moon Unit for a year, then Sole Cox and the Twin Cats featuring Cory Cox on guitar and Jabal Sole on bass. That group was together for a few years then we took a break and just wrote songs and went to see other bands, eventually we hooked up with Cameron, Phil and then 2 years later Nick, to form the group now.

What are Some of Your Favorite Full Albums:  Lettuce “Live in Tokyo”, Zeppelin “1″,  “2″ , and “3″, “Live in Paris” with McLauphlin Al De Meola and Paco Delucia.

What are Your Favorite Original Songs to Perform Live:  I love to play Peleton and Face. But I think Beards of Prey and Mom Jeans are becoming my new favorite songs to perform.