Where are You From: Born in Zionsville, IN, grew up in Carmel, IN.

When did You First Start Playing Music:  Started playing hand percussion when I was 14. Guitar for like 3 months when I was 16. I quit. Got serious about electronic music production when I was 17. I got a bass for christmas when I was 18.

What Artist Turn You on to Music:  Daft Punk changed my life in 1995. I was a big Tool fan. Primus was a big influence.

What are Some of Your Favorite Full Albums:  Daft Punk “Homework”, Boards of Canada “Music Has The Right To Children”, Primus “Sailing the Seas of Cheese”, Pink Floyd “Dark Side of the Moon”, Entire discographies of Pretty Lights and Deadmau5.

What are Your Favorite Original Songs to Perform Live:  Its a 3 way tie: “King Cobra”, “Peloton”, “Dax McCarty’s Magic Elixir”.  “Beards of Prey” is really fun too.