Where are You From: Westfield, IN

When did You First Start Playing Music:  Seth and I both started playing on piano at age 8, then I picked up drums around 10-11.

What Artist Turn You on to Music:  Led Zepplin turn me on to music but I listened to everything from STP to famous jazz drummers like Buddy Rich.  I even listened to old school Snoop Dogg.

What was Your First Band:  Broken String was my first real band.  Then I was in Moon Unit for a short time until Seth and I took on The Twin Cats in 2000.

What are Some of Your Favorite Full Albums:  Snoop Dog “Doggy Style”, Galatic “Live at Tipitina’s”, Lettuce “Out of Here”.  I love all music and I think it is important to listen to as many different music styles as possible. I listen to Latin, Indian, African and any style that has drums and I learn from all those styles.

What are Your Favorite Original Songs to Perform Live:  “Funk You” and “A-Daddy $”